Wedding Management


The wedding planning market is growing exponentially. Rated by Business India as ‘the most glamorous job for a young entrepreneurs’. In terms of events, wedding planning is certainly the next big thing. While marriages are made on earth, there is no doubt that weddings are made by wedding planners. The business is growing at 500% year on year!

As more and more customers realize that wedding planners are not a luxury any more, but an essential; and as the business moves from the super rich into the upper middle class, the future looks rosy indeed. It is estimated that the business will be worth 200,000 crores ten years from now. Earlier, wedding planning was a family affair. Every family member was expected to pitch in, and the personal touch was a much touted essential. The wedding industry was unorganized. Only certain and major aspects like decor, catering were outsourced.

  • Today, tailor-made weddings are the order of the day. The family itself has fragmented, and very often the women-folk are working, too. Time is at a premium. The wedding planning service has arrived.
  • The wedding industry is associated with glamour, fun, and excitement, which makes it highly attractive for those looking for unconventional careers. Across the world, a huge majority of wedding planners are women, though the number of men in the business is growing rapidly.
  • Almost every event management company of any worth has now ventured into the weddings business, either by opening up a separate wedding planning division or simply by getting into weddings. A number of other service providers like mandap contractors, caterers and venue managers are backwardly integrating into wedding planning.
  • Even decorators and florists are entering the business. And still, demand is stripping way ahead of availability.
  • Five years ago, the concept was new to the country. One only heard of the superstars and the ultra rich hiring wedding planners. Today, the business has become broad based. Wedding Planning in India is now a safe career, the Big Fat Indian Wedding is only becoming bigger, fatter and grander by the day.
  • Wedding planning Includes planning, budgeting, preparing guest list, hiring the decorators, caterers, florists, fixing and arranging venue, location scouting, bridal jewellery and clothing, and groom clothing (clothing designers), destination management for honeymoons.. and a lot more.
  • Most wedding planners in fact are not limited in their scope to weddings, but rather, they straddle the group of ‘personal events’, which include, apart from weddings, birthday parties, house-warmings, baby and bridal showers, christenings and naming ceremonies etc. Weddings, however, are by far the largest group of such events.
  • Some of the more popular associations and programs are the Association of Bridal Consultants, the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants, June Wedding, Inc., and Weddings Beautiful Worldwide.
  • Seventy Media group, Dreams events & ideas, Golden Aisle, Regal Wedding and Marry Me are the most famous events planner agencies in India.