Tourist Transportation


Transport modes are the means by which people and freight achieve mobility. They fall into one of three basic types, depending on over what surface they travel – land (road, rail and pipelines), water (shipping), and air. India is home to numerous places of tourist interest and these places are spread over the whole country. To cover such vast distances tourist use different modes of transport such as air, rail, and road travel. In fact, transportation accounts for a 6.4% share of India’s GDP, with road transportation contributing 4.5%.

India has a road network of over 4,689,842 kilometers (2,914,133 mi) in 2013, the third largest road network in the world. As per 2013 estimates, the total road length in India is 4,689,842 km (2,914,133 mi); making the Indian road network the second largest road network in the world after the United States. At 0.66 km of highway per square kilometer of land the density of India’s highway network is higher than that of the United States (0.65) and far higher than that of China's (0.16) or Brazil's (0.20). Tourists use various forms of road transport like Cabs, Taxis and Cars etc.

India's rail network is the 4th longest and the most heavily used system in the world, transporting 8224 million passengers and over 969 million tons of freight annually, as of 2012. In order to facilitate tourists Indian Railways in collaboration with IRCTC has started so many luxury tourist trains in different states. For example we have Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Palace on Wheels as the first luxury train of India, Indian Maharaja and Heritage in Wheels are luxury trains of Rajasthan. Apart from these we have Golden Chariot which connects Goa, Karnataka & Kerala, Fairy Queen which is also one of the oldest steam locomotive of world covering Delhi & Alwar region, Deccan Odyssey covering parts of Rajasthan, Goa and Aurangabad are some of the major luxury trains of India.

The Indian government has allowed private airlines to operate in the market since 1994. However, from around 2005 onwards, the number of private airlines has really grown on both domestic and international routes. Many of these are low cost airlines that offer cheap fares in return for reduced passenger services, such as free in-flight meals. Fueled by a thriving economy, air travel in India is booming.

Water transportation modes are also widely used by tourists such as Cruise travel and Ferries etc. In India we have so many coastal regions where cruise travel and stay is very preferred. For instance Cruise ride in Goa at Mandovi River, Houseboats in Kerala, Star cruise, Oberoi Motor Vessel are some of the examples of water tourist transport. Apart from these recently Maharashtra has started seaplane services for tourists to enhance backwater or coastal tourism. Initially Kerala pioneered in seaplane services for tourists to enhance its backwater tourism on June’ 2013.