Tourist Guides & Interpretors


Tourist guide is the one who assists people on organized tours and individual clients by giving them information of cultural, history, contemporary heritage, educational establishments, religious and historical sites, museums, and at venues of other significant interest.

Individuals who escort foreigners and give them guiding services concerning travel with the use of a foreign language for a consideration is an interpreter. There is, however, a big difference between these two. The interpreter's job to interpret spoken words faithfully is passive, sort of, while a guide-interpreter has to find words of his or her own and speak them out.

Tourist guide also takes care of affairs such as tour itinerary management, confirmation of reservation for accommodations, baggage control and advice for shopping etc. There may arise unexpected happenings in traveling such as traffic jam, lost children, lost property, sickness and what not. The ability to stay unruffled on any occasion and to cope with any kind of happening so that it doesn't go out of control is necessary for this job.

At present there are 1550 govt. approved guides in India. Out of which 1200 Guides are based at Northern Region, 203 Guides in Southern Region, 81 Guides in Eastern Region and 66 Guides in Western Region. Tourist guiding and interpreter job requires skills such as they need to be energetic, logistical managers, organized, calm, quick learner and flexible.