Theme Parties


Today people want a unique thing and the new trend of theme parties guaranteed full fun. Children, teenagers, old age, men, women for everyone there could be a theme party organized. We can hire Event management companies for this and from decoration to technical settings, food preparation, games, music everything all are well organized by them. A theme is a subject, topic, or idea. You can have a theme for a paper you are writing, and event or meeting, a party, and even decorate a room with a specific theme. Party organizers are those who help maximize on the fun, while minimizing on the hassles of throwing a party. They provide various fun elements for any and every party, all under one roof. With the rise of theme-based parties and eclectic ideas of celebration, party supplies industry is gaining momentum by the day.

Event management is a multi-crore industry with mega shows and events hosted regularly. In India, personal functions like marriages and birthday parties have become important social matters, requiring professional expertise. The growth of sophisticated and mega companies have brought forth a spurt of meetings, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, theme parties, product launches, with everything being a matter of class and style. Then comes the innumerable celebrity shows, international artists’ shows, shows for social cause, road shows, competitions, many of which India has seen of late.

There is a variety of theme parties like Fairy tale party theme, Halloweens party theme, Bollywood theme party, retro theme party, theme party on chandeliers, and props — kids have a desire to have these kinds of parties,” and many more as you can think. Most people want to do a party that reflects themselves like if people like cricket then every decoration are about cricket. Interactive cooking or foodie parties, Parties that are revolving around chefs and cooking seem to be rocking. These are food themes where guests actually get their hands dirty and participate in making the food.

Present Scenario

Today, there are a number of companies hosting and organizing events on a regular basis. These range from the small time private events to the large-scale international events. A good number of young people are entering in this field because they realize the potential of the market and the demand and supply situation. In fact, the most profitable aspect of this field is the need for creativity. And that is how and where one earns. More than 2000 companies have forayed into events. The early 90s has seen events spend at a mere 20 crore but now it has increased to over 5000 crore. Growth is therefore 35% annually. The FICCI has estimated event management to be a 5000 crore industry by 2014. Event management includes organizational skills, technical knowledge, P.R., marketing, advertising, catering, logistics, decor, glamour identity, and human relations, study of law and licenses, risk managements, budgeting, study of allied like television and other Medias and several other areas.

Future Scenario

Theme parties seems to be very creative and interesting. Anyone has a creative mind can excel in this field, as it is new in Indian scenario. People want their precious movement of life to be the best moments by these theme parties.