Seminars are comes under event management. It is gathering of people who are participating in the discussion of similar area of interest. Seminars are helpful for projection of thoughts, facts & research by systematic proceedings in different interactive sessions. The importance of seminars is that they serve as a means of communication or passing information to a group of people who seek to acquire a set of common experiences in particular fields. Seminars can also be used as an access arena to a social network where members can network and share their ideas on what they known. There are numerous types of seminars. Self-improvement seminars, career development, educational, basic and training, presentation, business or trade seminars and follow ups on a lot of those. So Like all successful enterprises, planning for a seminar should begin several months in advance by developing a theme.

When choosing a venue. Different seminar styles require different facility requirements. Additionally, the size of the location is dependent upon the estimated attendance an engaging keynote speaker is vital. After all, seminars are 60% information and 40% entertainment. Seek respected, renowned speakers early on, and use their reputation as a marketing tool.

Types of Seminar

Seminars are conducted in various stages. Based on the size and organizational aspects the seminars can be classified in to four types.

  • Mini Seminar

    Its coverage and scope are small and simple. A small population is enough to hold this seminar. A discussion held over the topic taught or to be taught with the students is known as Group discussion. Such group discussions held in an organized way within a class room, it is called mini seminar. This mini seminar gives the students training in questioning skills, organizing the information and presentation skills of seminar. A mini seminar is felt necessary because it gives good experience to conduct a major seminar at Institutional level.

  • Major Seminar

    The seminar conducted at an institutional or departmental level for a specific topic or subject is known as Major seminar. Usually students and teachers are participating in this type of seminar. This major seminar can be organized at department level for every month. A specific topic or subject is selected for the theme of the seminar.

  • National Seminar

    An association of any kind particularly with academic or professional interest or an organization (Government, Firm, etc.,) conducts the seminar at National level is called National seminar. The subject experts are invited to the seminar for discussion. The Secretary of the seminar prepares the schedule and functionaries for seminar.

  • International Seminar

    Usually the seminar conducted by an international organization or agency is known as International seminar. Theme of this seminar has wider aspects. Globalization, Renovation, Atomic energy agreements, Policies implementation and modification etc., are examples for themes of International seminars. A Nation or its body can conduct or organize the international seminar.