Post Placement Services


If any candidate is selected by references and recommendations of consultancy, he/she has to inform and endorse a copy of the appointment letter immediately to consultancy for their record.

The other case may be that the company may issue a letter of intent & if the service of the candidate is appropriate, the company may issue him the appointment of letter as a symbol of permanent service.

In case of selection of the candidates, the Consultancy Charges shall be:

  • Case I- Candidate need not to pay any amount as service charges in case of the company wherever placed is agreed with their terms of business & will pay their service charges.
  • Case II- The candidate will pay 50% of the gross first month salary as service charges in case of the Company wherever placed is not agreed with their terms of business & not paying their service charges.
  • Consultants provide free replacement incase the hired employee leaves within 90 days.
  • The Registration is valid up to one year from the date of Registration.