Head Hunting / Placement Services


Placement refers to the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates to a one or more jobs within an organization, either permanent or temporary. Placement involved in choosing individuals for unpaid positions, such as voluntary roles or training programs. And the term Headhunting is the part of placement services.

Head Hunting is the most effective method of proactively recruiting top performers who might not willing for a sudden change. It refers to the approach of finding and attracting the best experienced person with the required skill set. Headhunting involves convincing the person to join the organization.

Purpose of Pre Placement Services

  • Head Hunting is for specific purpose whereas placement is for general purpose.
  • While Head Hunting be have narrowframe of eligibility whereas for placement be have wide frame of eligibility.
  • Head Hunting is done for managerial positions whereas placement is done for all levels of Management( low level, middle level and high level)