Photography Services


“A picture is worth a thousand of words” is an inspiring line in the photography filed. Photography is an art. Art we can use to give reality to our imaginations, our dreams, thoughts. In today’s scenario photography is becoming a demanding profession in the world wide. With the emergence of new technologies photography profession has gain importance year after year. The profession has widened its area. Photography Industry cover different areas- fashion, wedding, wild life, space photography, journalist photographers etc.


In India All India Photographic Trade & Industry Association is playing a major role to promote this Industry. The Association has successfully conducted workshops and Seminars time to time in the field of photography. AIPTIA has organized Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair 2014 being one of the largest convergences of the Photographic was held from 9th to 12th January gets success to attract participants who are interesting in photographic field.

New Trends

Digital technology gives a new meaning to this profession. There are several online businesses in the country catering to amateur photographers. Today, professional photographers run their own Web site, market themselves on social media, provide both electronic and printed products to clients, as well as spend a lot of time doing post-production work on images. Canvera, a Bangalore-based photography supplies company provides mass customized printed products and recently launched Vivyo, an e-commerce offering for professional photographers.

Job Opportunity

“Wedding photography as a business is growing at phenomenal pace”. Professional Wedding photographers are charging as much as ₹100,000 to ₹300,000 for a single day. This profession is growing by 40-50 percent year-on-year. If we talk about Fashion photography, it related to highlights clothing and other fashion products in exciting and memorable ways. Fashion photographers may be employed by fashion magazines, catalogs, advertising agencies or fashion houses. Some of famous names in fashion photography are Farrokh Chotia, Vikram Bawa, Jatin Kampani, they are charging a huge amount to make a portfolio. The commercial photography industry is expanding due to digital technologies. To meet industry standards, many agencies have started their course, offering new comers with training to groom their skills.


Employment of photographers is projected to grow 4 percent from 2012 to 2022, was average compared to all occupations. Salaried jobs in particular may be more difficult to find as more companies contract with freelancers rather than hire their own photographers. There are about 10 lakhs people involved in the photo imaging industry in 2013. The digital photography growing at 10% according to the Time of India survey 2013 and by the year 2015 it will touch the profit ₹10,000 crores. Some prefer fixed salary job and others can join television production house/news chancel with the starting ₹15,000-20,000/-per month.