Online Travel Agency


Now days, Travel Agents around the globe are getting universally accessible by the means of worldwide web (www). Online Travel Agents are all around us now, on the internet.

Indian Online Travel Agent Market is one of the fastest growing travel markets in the world. This $25 Billion industry contributes around 70% of all the ecommerce activities in India. The Online Travel domain is being seen as a major driving force in the e-commerce segment. The country has received a number of top travel awards recently and has been receiving appreciation from tourists and travel enthusiasts around the world. The main factors determining the overall success of travel industry in India can be the enforced key schemes which were launched by e-commerce travel websites to capitalize on tourism market.

The exponential amplification of the online audience in India and affordable tourism services across the country can be safely termed as the epicenter of this flourishing industry. Structured with well-organized and prominent online traveling websites, the travel industry in India has been functioning effectively by contributing marginal benefits to the economy. The online travel platforms are user friendly and offer complete assistance for booking holidays and vacations. is one such Online Travel Agency (OTA) which has seen a significant rise in popularity during the evolution of e-commerce websites in the country.

The participation of online travel bookings stands roughly at 30% in the current market scenario. This figure is certainly encouraging as it sums up to $8 billion and is expected to rise in the near future.

India has recently been speculated as being world leader in tourism in South Asia according to World Travel Organization (WTO). The reason behind the consistent increase of tourism in India is believed to be the fastest growing online travel market. Key to organizing this 24 Billion $ industry is in the IT industry-another backbone of the Indian economy. With a global contribution of 70-75 per cent in all e-commerce activities, online travel domain has arrived as the driving force in the e-commerce segment.

Internet, a viable tool in the current era on technology can be safely called the epicenter of the online travel industry. Significantly evolving with the passage of time, Internet and its users have exponentially flourished. The remarkable increase of Internet users in India is a positive omen for the Indian Online travel Industry. Affordable air travel has also played a concrete role in the development of tourism in India. The online travel industry is prominently structured with organized and diverse Online Travel Agencies (OTA), which has delivered marginal benefits to the economy with their efficient functioning. If some reliable surveys are analyzed, online traveling sites will come up amongst the top searches on the web. Catering to an overflow of tourists that are expected to raise, the online travel platforms assist their customers in making their travel and journey organized online. The online travel platforms not only are user friendly and convenient but also offer an overall assistance. The fruitful participation of various big names such as Makemytrip, Yatra and few others in the online traveling domain has served as a boon to the tourism industry. The share of online travel bookings currently stands at 30 per cent on Indian travel industry which sum ups to 8 billion and is expected to soar in the near future. Domestic and foreign tourists in India presently amount to 851 million and 19.5 million respectively, however tourism is no longer confined to travelling for experience or exposure. Other forms include Eco-Tourism, Medical Tourism, and Educational tourism to name a few. With the Indulgence of IT in almost every industry, the tourism sector is also not lagging behind. Contributing immensely to the economy, the online travel industry is bearing an enormous responsibility and fulfilling a bigger role. The country that coined ‘AtitiDevoBhawa’ has now geared up to live up to this phrase.