The word Carnival (Carnival in Portuguese) is derived from a Latin word meaning- ‘to take away meat’ and it is an expression of the 40-day period of fasting for Lent, during which, abstinence from meat is compulsory. Carnivals are like a colorful expression of the society towards life. Carnival has always been about social expression and the voice of society which is displayed on the streets of the country in a highly-spirited celebration of energy.

Present Scenario

The tourism industry of India is economically important and grows rapidly. The World Travel & Tourism Council calculated that tourism generated INR6.4 trillion or 6.6% of the nation's GDP in 2012. It supported 39.5 million jobs, 7.7% of its total employment. The sector is predicted to grow at an average annual rate of 7.9% from 2013 to 2023. This gives India the third rank among countries with the fastest growing tourism industries over the next decade. India has a large medical tourism sector which is expected to grow at an estimated rate of 30% annually to reach about 95 billion by 2015.

In recent times, the term carnival has also been applied to include local festivals, traveling circuses, bazaars, and other celebrations of a joyous nature, regardless of their purpose or their season. For example shopping carnival, food carnival, sports carnival etc. the word “carnival” is associated with others words because we assume carnival as a festival of different cultures, groups etc.

Goa Carnival

Goa Festival is one of the famous Indian Carnival with colorful masks and floats, drums and reverberating music, and dance performances, as it is a complete sell out in terms of tourism capacities. On the opening day of the carnival, King Momo presides over the festival and "orders" his subjects to party and indulge in merry making. The next three days are marked by celebration of the Goan culture. The mornings are dominated with singing, feasting and organizing street plays while the evenings are usually full of dancing, balls, etc. on the wide open streets.

Winter Carnival

Manali Winter Carnival, which usually takes place in February, is a charming festival that combines cultural as well as sports events. The activities include skiing competitions, food fests, a craft bazaar, music competition, folk dances, and street plays amongst many other things. The festival aims to showcase the unique traditions of Himachal Pradesh. Many participants from across India are invited to take part in the carnival and it’s a huge tourist attraction.