Airport Ground Staff


Ground Staff means all the employees who are not flying with an airlines and are working at the airport only e.g. the cleaners, the counter staff, the ones who handle cargo/baggage, passengers at the airport, ticketing and reservation, check in, loading or unloading of aircraft, activities relating to the ramp, boarding gate, arrival counter, re-fuelling and cleaning of aircraft, driving the vehicles on the tarmac and airline ground announcement.

At present, every airline conducts its own ground handling services. As per a research the ground handling facilities are expected to grow at 15% CAGR 2012-13. There are opportunities for third party handling as well as entering into service contracts with private airports / AAI to offer comprehensive ground handling solutions.

The ground handling services market in India is estimated to be Rs. 3000 crore. CAPA estimates the third party handling market was worth around USD200-220 million in FY2013. The government has increased Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in ground-handling services to 74% on the automatic route. As per the data given by AAI there are more than 26,061 manpower employed in Airport Ground Staff in India in 2012-13.

Authorised Ground Handlers at the Six Metro Airports

Metro Airport Authorised Ground Handlers
Bird – Worldwide Flight Services
Cambata Aviation
Celebi Ground Handling Delhi
Mumbai Air India
Cambata Aviation
Celebi-NAS Airport Services India
Chennai Air India
Bhadra International
Cambata Aviation
Bangalore AISATS
Hyderabad AISATS
Menzies Bobba Ground Handling
Kolkata Air India
Bhadra International

*Source: CAPA Research