Airline City Office Staff


City Office Staff are the important component for airline functioning. They work on ground at the airport ticket counter or at an airline ticket office located in the city, as well as those who help keep the airplanes operating on schedule.

Main work of airline city office staff is of reservations and airlines ticket selling .Responsibilities include a full range of customer service functions. Major responsibilities are assisting passengers with tagging luggage and baggage check in, ticketing, makes and/or changes reservations, seat assignment, answers inquiries about flight schedules and fares, verifies reservations by phone, figures fares and handles payments. The ticket agent also provides directions to departure gates.

Airline ticket agents may also be stationed at boarding gates at the airport. At the gates, they are responsible for processing and boarding passengers. This includes handling seat or schedule conflicts, making boarding announcements, checking and collecting tickets at the boarding gate, and assisting handicapped passengers as they board or depart the aircraft. Other duties may include, dispatching flights from the gate, and notifying flight attendants about any special needs for specific passengers, such as a child flying alone or a disabled passenger. They are required to wear uniforms and identification.

Ticket agents must be able to handle stressful situations. One of the most frustrating elements of being a ticket agent, is the inability to control the weather or aircraft maintenance problems. Such problems can ultimately lead to angry passengers. It is the ticket agents responsibility to provide excellent customer service and handle these situations in a courteous manner. Courteous behavior is essential, especially when dealing with difficult customers or passengers.