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Indian Motivation Philosophy

In Indian philosophy motivation is not something external. It is rather internal. The holy book, GITA is a story of motivation. Arjuna was motivated from the very beginning but he lost his motivation due to some obstacles, hurdles and confusion in his mind. All that was required was to remove these obstacles only. Thus removing obstacles during the performance of job is motivation in Indian philosophy.

Lord Krishna motivated Arjuna successfully by this technique. In the beginning Arjuna said that “I will not fight” and at the end he said “I will do, what you say”. Arjuna was not offered any position etc. for this but all the obstacles had been removed. He was motivated right from the beginning, he only required some of his doubts cleared.

Every soul is divine, having immense potentialities. Management has to bring out that potential by removing obstacles and hurdles which restrict from performing. Such motivation involves the inner beauty and does not promote any greed in an individual to have more and more in return of his work- as work itself is viewed in a unique way in Indian philosophy. Work is here considered as an exercise of energy.

Indian Motivator Forum

International Chamber for Service Industry (ICSI) provides a platform to all self-directed, self-motivated speakers who can spark motivation into other with their enthusiasm, energy and directed pathway. We bring prominent speakers under the one umbrella to direct the humankind towards motivated, happy and successful life.

India’s Eminent Motivators to the world

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